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Pre-Competitive After School Program

About Kenzen's after school Sports Program
Full-time working parents
are you looking for more than daycare or babysitting?
Kenzen’s After School Karate provides your elementary or middle school child with a dynamic active sport experience promoting physical literacy development, while also offering supportive, enriching activities.

We are NOT a daycare center, but a sports club that knows how to provide the best mix of on-mat and off-mat opportunities for youth. Our instructors are not only Coaching Canada certified, but they also bring years of karate and education training experience to our unique program.

After-school members have two options to get to Kenzen. We offer school pick-up in our 14-passenger safety certified van from Lake Hill, Rogers, Prospect Lake, Lochside and Strawberry Vale elementary schools. After-school members can also be dropped off by a guardian.

All members are picked-up by a guardian by 5pm, or they can take their training to the next level by staying later to participate in the regular Kenzen Sports Karate Junior’s program for a discounted price.
Our huge Karate Dojo! Complete with top of the line equipment.
Off-mat space for enrichment activities.
Awesome instructors plus lots of space equals great fun for kids after school.