Pre-Competitive After School Program

Formerly the “Kenzen After School Karate Program
The club’s Pre-Competitive service is not basic after school care, but a dynamic coaching program for members who have big karate goals like challenging the junior 1st degree black belt exam in the future, or competing on Team Kenzen at local tournaments, possibly trying out for the official BC Team.

Regular Kenzen members who thrive on daily karate training may apply to join the Pre-Comp after school group Between March 1st and March 31st. Acceptance letters will be sent out by April 15th.

To make sure members achieve their dreams, the Pre-Comp program follows Sport Canada’s “Long-Term Athlete Development” pathways. This means school grades 1 to 3 focus on their FUNdamental skills and then grades 4 to 7 focus on their Train to Compete abilities.

The daily Pre-Comp schedule begins with arrival at the club by elementary students being picked up at their school by the club vans & middle school students busing or walking to Kenzen. After a short snack time, daily practices are from 3:45-4:45pm with 5pm parent pick-up.

To keep practices fresh and broad ranging, each day Pre-Comp members either join in the regular Beginner or Intermediate classes for their level, or practice with just their Pre-Competitive group for higher intensity, sport-specific skill & fitness training.

If you are interested in the Pre-Competitive Program or have questions, come chat with us!

Nick Smith
About Kenzen's after school Sports Program
Full-time working parents
are you looking for more than daycare or babysitting?
Kenzen’s After School Karate provides your elementary or middle school child with a dynamic active sport experience promoting physical literacy development, while also offering supportive, enriching activities.

We are NOT a daycare center, but a sports club that knows how to provide the best mix of on-mat and off-mat opportunities for youth. Our instructors are not only Coaching Canada certified, but they also bring years of karate and education training experience to our unique program.

After-school members have two options to get to Kenzen. We offer school pick-up in our 14-passenger safety certified van from Lake Hill, Rogers, Prospect Lake, Lochside and Strawberry Vale elementary schools. After-school members can also be dropped off by a guardian.

All members are picked-up by a guardian by 5pm, or they can take their training to the next level by staying later to participate in the regular Kenzen Sports Karate Junior’s program for a discounted price.
Our huge Karate Dojo! Complete with top of the line equipment.
Off-mat space for enrichment activities.
Awesome instructors plus lots of space equals great fun for kids after school.