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After school sports karate program for elementary and middle school children.

Lake Hill, Rogers, Prospect Lake elementary pick up
About Kenzen's after school Sports Program
Full-time working parents
are you looking for more than daycare or babysitting?
Kenzen’s After School Karate provides your elementary or middle school child with a dynamic active sport experience promoting physical literacy development, while also offering supportive, enriching activities.

We are NOT a daycare center, but a sports club that knows how to provide the best mix of on-mat and off-mat opportunities for youth. Our instructors are not only Coaching Canada certified, but they also bring years of karate and education training experience to our unique program.

After-school members have two options to get to Kenzen. We offer school pick-up in our 14-passenger safety certified van from Lake Hill, Rogers, and Prospect Lake elementary schools. After-school members can also be dropped off by a guardian.

All members are picked-up by a guardian by 5pm, or they can take their training to the next level by staying later to participate in the regular Kenzen Sports Karate Junior’s program for a discounted price.
Our huge Karate Dojo! Complete with top of the line equipment.
Off-mat space for enrichment activities.
Awesome instructors plus lots of space equals great fun for kids after school.
our program
After school pick-up
 Off-Mat Enrichment Activity
Karate! Training our mind and body to be the best.
Socializing with friends until the 5pm pick up
Coaching Canada certified, police background checked
& certified in first - aid
Richard Mosdell

Our main instructor, Richard has taught karate and run education programs for children of all grades for over 25 years.

He has been a Saanich Parks and Recreation day camp leader and a former BC Junior Team Head Coach. Richard recently returned from 10 years in Tokyo, Japan working at the elite private school Seiritsu Gakuen as their full-time karate club instructor. While at Seiritsu he oversaw their international academic department and completed a Masters in Global Studies at Sophia University. Currently he is a PhD candidate with the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, with his research focus on sport for peace and international education.

Richard Sensei is also a Director at Large on the Karate BC Executive Committee, an Assistant Advisor to the BC Games and a Technical Committee member for Canada’s official Wadokai Japan style group. Through these volunteer roles, he brings to Kenzen an awareness of the wider BC karate community activities while also trying to give something back to this community by working with others to increase its vibrancy for all karate practitioners.

Rie Mosdell

Rie Sensei is a long-time karate practitioner and mother of two whose professional career as an interpreter/translator and a front-line customer service pro in the hospitality industry has given her a unique skill-set for being a fun, friendly and thoughtful supervisor of our after school program.

Kraig Devlin

Kraig Sensei is our other fantastic main instructor at Kenzen who helps out with the after school program periodically. Our members benefit greatly from his wide background of knowledge and experience as he is a current national team coach, a former BC team and national team athlete and a graduate of the Canadian Sport Institute with a diploma in high-performance coaching.
Simple, straight forward pricing

Full Time (4 or 5 days a week)
Van pick-up or guardian drop-off

First time participants must be registered in person at our location.
Please fill out the form below with your information and we will get back to you ASAP.
Returning participations click here to log in to Front Desk and select your days

First time participants must be registered in person at our location.

Please fill out the form below with your information and we will get back to you ASAP.

Returning participations click here to log in to front desk and select your days

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