Pro-D Day Camps & Karate Summer Camps 2021

Our Summer Karate Camps are open to Students going into grades 1 to 7, for kids new to karate as well as those with experience!

FREE UNIFORM to any non-Kenzen member participating in a 5-day camp for the first time!

Summer Karate Camps 2021

12:30 - 4:30pm

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Karate Summer camp schedule
Our fun and activity-filled karate camps provide:
- full karate training sessions: Fundamental karate, forms practice, sports karate, & fitness!
- Cultural & team building activities, arts/crafts, tournament rules, Japanese language and more.
- Supervised free time to interact with other participants.

We split our camps into our core skill sets:
FUNdamental basics
Kata (forms), including kata performance & competition rules
Kumite (sparring), including footwork, fun drills, fitness & performance, and kumite competition rules
What to prepare for the Karate Summer day camps
1. Gym Bag: Large enough to hold all personal items
2. 1 Healthy Snack (no nuts or nut based foods please)
3. Sports T-shirt, Kenzen uniform (for current members)
4. Big beach towel
5. Sandals or any easy to slip on footwear
6. Books for reading time
7. Water bottle
8. A non-electronic show & tell item for each day
Karate Summer Camp Drop-off & pick-up
Drop-off & pick-up:  Drop off starts from 12:30pm. Please park in the two Kenzen Sports Karate spots or the visitor parking spots when dropping off.  Pick up is 4:15-4:30pm. You may park in any spot, including handicap spots when picking up.

Avoid late pick-ups: Please pick-up your child by the designated pick-up time as Kenzen staff will not be able to supervise anyone after that time due to the regular classes starting & day camp staff leaving.

Late arrivals or early pick-ups: Please let us know beforehand so we can mark it down.

Schedule: Activities may change depending on the participant ages & interests, and current government protocols.